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The windows are open, there's a cool breeze blowing the curtains, you can small the salt air and there you are, warm and safe and curled up in what is, at this very moment, the most perfect blanket ever.

Peaceful Touch

Peaceful Touch™

You’ll notice Peaceful Touch™ has an instant ability to take you to that peaceful place you have longed for after the day’s chaos. It wraps you in everything you’ve always wanted from a blanket: warmth, comfort, softness and the feeling that there’s no place you’d rather be.

      Supple Touch

Supple Touch™

You just want to melt into the smoothness and plush warmth of Supple Touch™. This blanket will bring a smile to anyone’s face upon first touch. You or your loved one will be swept away to your comfort zone with ease, and will wake up completely refreshed.

Luster Loft

Luster Loft™

This is the future of blankets. Luster Loft™ is a pleasing and innovative fabric never experienced before. Wrap yourself in its warm cotton ball softness and try to let go. These Lustrous fibers enhance the visual and tactile experience and will create a feeling unlike any other. Guaranteed!

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