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Basics Baby Blankets from American Blanket Company

Soft Baby Blankets, Made in America

American Blanket Company baby blankets are handmade in America, from the softest and finest, non-shedding, non-pilling baby blanket fabrics in the world. When you buy an American Blanket baby blanket, you're buying the best baby blanket available today. Your baby blanket will be crafted in an historic textile mill, by a team of skilled artists committed to delivering you the finest, high-quality, plush, fleece baby blankets. American Blankets' baby blankets are available in three categories: Peaceful Touch™ Supple Touch™ , and Luster Loft™. Think of them as a soft, warm baby blanket, super soft, plush baby blanket, and the softest baby blanket ever made.

All of our American Blanket baby blankets are available as personalized baby blankets, and they're guaranteed to make you and your baby feel good--for life!

Shop Peaceful Touch Baby Blankets

Peaceful Touch™ Baby Blankets

A soft fleece baby blanket

Shop Supple Touch Baby Blankets

Supple Touch™ Baby Blankets

A super soft, plush fleece baby blanket

Shop Luster Loft Baby Blankets

Luster Loft™ Baby Blankets

The softest fleece baby blanket available