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Buy the Best Fleece Blankets Made in America

There's lots to understand when you're shopping for a fleece blanket: the types of fleece materials, the blanket weight and the construction or knit techniques are key factors that determine the quality of your blanket.

American Blanket makes beautiful blankets that won't shed or pill using circular and flat knit construction, from only the finest 288 filament yarns available in the world.

We make the best made, quality fleece blankets that last a lifetime: Gorgeous, soft blankets to brighten up your home, keep you warm and cozy and make your guests envious.
Shop the Soft Blankets: Peaceful Touch Fleece Blankets

Peaceful Touch™ Fleece Blankets

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Shop the Plush Blankets: Supple Touch Fleece Blankets

Supple Touch™ Fleece Blankets

The Plush Blankets—from $49

Shop the Softest Blankets: Luster Loft Fleece Blankets

Luster Loft™ Fleece Blankets

The Softest Blankets—from $59