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Fleece Blankets Stacked on Dresser: American Blanket Company

The Best Pet Blankets & Dog Bed Blankets Made in the USA.

Protect your home furnishings, dog beds and car upholstery from shedding pet hair and dirty dog paws with an American Pet Blanket.

Our pet blankets are made from the highest quality fleece and they're obsessively brushed and sheared so they won't shed or pill when you wash and dry them. All of our pet blankets are odor-resistant, mold & mildew resistant and machine wash and dry. If shedding dog hair is a problem in your home, try the Luster Loft Pet Blanket - a miraculous blanket fabric, guaranteed not to hold pet hair.

Available in three sizes: 28" x 36", 34" x 44" and our big pet blanket, 42" x 52". Available customized with embroidery, as a personalized pet blanket for your pal.

Blankets of exceptional quality and value. For life.

Shop the Soft Blankets: Peaceful Touch Fleece Blankets

Peaceful Touch™ Fleece Pet Blankets

Soft Pet Blankets—from $22

Shop the Plush Blankets: Supple Touch Fleece Blankets

Supple Touch™ Fleece Pet Blankets

Plush Pet Blankets—from $29

Shop the Softest Blankets: Luster Loft Fleece Blankets

Luster Loft™ Fleece Pet Blankets

Best for Shedding Pets—from $34