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Summer Blankets; Our top 10 criteria to look for when shopping for a summer blanket or throw

As we put this years long harsh winter behind us we are brought to the thought of a potential new blanket for the summer months. Following is American Blanket Companies top 10 criteria behind the perfect summer blanket.

  1. A blanket that is oversized and can accommodate four when having a picnic. (50”x 70” works but we prefer a 50”x 80”)
  2. A blanket that dries quickly and can wick away moisture.
  3. A blanket that is warm even if it gets wet, (evening boat cruises, or a misty game day)
  4. A blanket that never sheds or pills. (keep your clothes free of lint and also your car seats)
  5. A blanket for your bare skin, soft to the touch when laying on the beach.
  6. A blanket that is easy care, it can be washed and dried after being exposed to the outdoor elements.
  7. A blanket that will not mold or mildew and can be left in the car for months at a time.
  8. A blanket that is compact and warm and can be transported in a tote or backpack.
  9. A blanket that gives you comfort after a long work day and takes you to a place of relaxation.
  10. A blanket that is guaranteed for life, and Made in the USA.

Each polyester blanket at American Blanket fits the above criteria. See how good they make you feel.