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The Best Blankets Made in the USA: American Blanket Company

The Best Blankets Made in the USA.

We truly love making quality blankets. American made blankets that make people feel good. Unfortunately, purchasing the best possible blankets isn't easy these days. Many manufacturers are concerned about hitting a lower price point and in order to do that, they reduce the quality of their blankets.

Walk into a retailer today and try to find a blanket made in the USA. Odds are, the blankets on the shelf will be produced in a foreign country. Not only is the American Blanket Company committed to making blankets locally, but we're committed to making the best blankets from the finest fabrics available in the world and we make them in Fall River, Massachusetts.

When we make blankets locally, we can keep a close eye on all aspects of the production process to ensure that every blanket we ship out the door is product tested, customer ready and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A simple daily joy is watching my 5 year-old walk downstairs from her room holding the Luster Loft to her face, or when she dives into a pile of Luster Loft™ in the playroom. And then there's the inevitable blanket tug-o-war while my 11 year-old and 8 year-old watch a movie together, or the times when the two of them grab a blanket from the couch and head out on the lawn for a picnic.

Our small team in Fall River, Massachusetts believes in one another and we share one common goal: design, cut, sew, package and ship the best blankets we can possibly make.

Our Blanket Heritage

In the fall of 1964, my father bought a small garment maker in an old mill on the banks of the Ware River in Ware, Massachusetts, and for the better part of the next thirty years, he produced women's clothing under his own name while contracting for some of the industry's better brands. Dad's was some of the finest women's apparel made in the USA.

Growing up, I spent countless afternoons in that factory. When I was eight, I'd sweep the floors around sewing machines and cutting tables strewn with thread and fabric cuttings, all for a piece of candy from the women at the sewing machines. Eventually, I'd work my way up to spreader in the cutting department, learning the essentials of quality fabrics and their construction.

But by the mid-1980's, much of the higher-volume apparel production was being sent overseas, and Dad's shop would soon close.

Fast-forward to 1990 when I started a small contract cutting company of my own. One day in 1993, a fleece fabric came into the shop to be made into a pullover top. My sister was in the shop and asked if she could cut some of the fabric to give as a blanket to her boyfriend. Big idea.

Soon after, I cut a fleece throw sample and arranged a meeting at a large mass merchant retailer in Massachusetts. The buyer purchased 3,600 pieces right then and there, and Berkshire Blanket was born.

With my brother, sister, an old family friend and countless committed employees, we formed a company built on quality, pride, thoughtfulness and respect. Our small shop grew from its 3,000-square-foot location on the 4th floor of Dad's mill to more than 250,000 square feet of production and warehouse space in five different mill buildings in Ware, Massachusetts. By the year 2000, we had over 150 employees and produced blankets for seven of the top ten retailers in the country.

Once again however, we were faced with the dilemma of import products taking our spot in the life cycle of a family business. This time, we decided to beat the rush and found some wonderful partners in Asia who helped us continue to grow Berkshire Blanket to what it is today. Were it not for these partners whom I hold in high regard, we would have closed our mill back in 2000.

Six years later we found another great partner who purchased Berkshire Blanket and they continue to run the much beloved brand to this day.

And now we're at it again, with a small group of committed artists and craftsmen in our shop in Fall River, Massachusetts. We are committed to taking the extra steps required to make the best blankets possible. We are also committed to creating a positive experience for each of our customers. All Supple Touch Blankets and Luster Loft Blankets are packaged in a white gift box and they are also wrapped with a silver ribbon and branded gift card. We create a time saving shopping experience and we will turn a simple ordinary delivery into a special moment for you or the recipient. We hope you'll consider us next time you need a blanket. And we promise, it'll make you feel good.

With pride,
Rick Lotuff, Founder

Shop our fleece blankets, fleece throws or baby blankets and quilts with confidence, because we back all of our blankets with a lifetime guarantee.