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America's Favorite Baby Blankets: Made in the USA, Guaranteed for Life.

All of our baby blankets and quilts are made locally, in Fall River, MA. All American blankets and quilts can be personalized: You can add customization options (embroidery and monogram) at checkout. Compare fleece baby blankets and quilts and see blanket colors, sizes and prices.

Our best baby blankets. The softest fleece baby blankets we make.

Luster Loft Baby Blanket: Cotton BallLuster Loft Baby Blanket: Pale PinkLuster Loft Baby Blanket: Sea Mist GreenLuster Loft baby Blanket: Soft BeigeLuster Loft Baby Blanket: Buxton Blue
Luster Loft Baby Blanket: Patriot BlueLuster Loft Baby Blanket: Chocolate

Peaceful Touch Baby Blanket: Cotton BallPeaceful Touch Baby Blanket: Soft BeigePeaceful Touch Baby Blanket: Surf GreenPeaceful Touch Baby Blanket: Amsterdam Blue

Our signature Luster Loft™ fleece with hand-stitched patterns

Gardenia Baby Blanket: Cotton Ball MonotoneGardenia Baby Blanket: Cotton Ball and LilacGardenia Baby Blanket: Navajo and PinkWillow Baby Blanket: Buxton Blue Monotone
Willow Baby Blanket: Cotton Ball MonotoneWillow Baby Blanket: Sea Mist Green Birch Baby Blanket: Navajo and Bright BlueBirch Baby Blanket: Buxton Blue Monotone

Baby Quilts from the Hand-Stitched Collection
Quilted from two layers of our signature Luster Loft™ fleece

Gardenia Baby Quilt: Cotton Ball MonotoneGardenia Baby Quilt: Navajo White and PinkGadenia Baby Quilt: Cotton Ball and LilacGardenia Baby Quilt: Cotton Ball and Hot Pink Willow baby Quilt: Buxton Blue Monotone
Willow Baby Quilt: Cotton Ball MonotoneWillow baby Quilt: Sea Mist Green MonotoneBirch baby Quilt: Navajo White and Bright BlueBirch Baby Quilt: Buxton Blue Monotone