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Custom Face Masks, Personalized and Embroidered with Corporate Logo Face Masks Made in USA

Custom face masks and face covers embroidered with custom logos. American Blanket Company is known for high quality fabrics used in the home textiles area. We have committed a percentage of our manufacturing facility to make face covers / masks for the safety of Americans and all businesses. You can customize your mask with a logo or name and keep your brand visible while maintaining the health and wellness of your staff.

Our most popular fabrics are made from 100% polyester that is well known for being non allergenic, super soft, extremely durable, easy care, all fabrics are machine wash and dry.

These polyester fibers are separated and do not maintain a smooth surface so the virus gets split after landing on this uneven and less dense surface. This uneven surface makes it difficult for the virus to hold together therefore reducing the lifespan of the virus itself.

We can reverse our comfort fleece fabric to a high quality tightly woven 100% cotton white sheeting fabric. This sheeting fabric creates a cool surface for your face in the summer while keeping the fleece exterior for an additional barrier from the outside world. A very breathable mask, cool on the inside, soft on the outside and completely reversible. Available in an assortment of colors with your personalized logo.

Please email your corporate logo request and get discounts for larger volume orders.

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