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Fleece Face Masks and How They Compare to Cotton Masks and Neck Gators.
Face Masks Made in USA.

American Blanket Company is a manufacturer of high quality, tightly knit fleece fabrics well known in the Home Textiles area. We began making high quality face masks from this moisture wicking fabric in March of 2020 to help support the public access to much needed face masks during a world wide shortage.

American Blanket Company has tested our fabrics for strength, stitches per inch and moisture wicking qualities. Technical fleece fabrics are known in the industry for great moisture wicking qualities and breathability. Our masks are 2-ply, with tightly woven fibers and four layers of vertical pile yarns that create multiple barriers between you and the outside world. These two ply masks are much higher quality and performance than light weight single and 2-ply cotton T-shirt fabric masks and single ply neck gators.

Our Comfort Fleece and Micro Plush fabrics have great filtering capabilities due to the pile height of the fibers, and the density of the weave. The fabric is very breathable and can be washed and dried many times. We created a 2-ply mask with twice the filtering capabilities of a single layer. We have taken the extra steps to make a premium quality mask at a fair price, with the same strict quality standards that we use to make our premium quality blankets.

We have also lined our Micro Plush fabric with a tightly woven 100% cotton sheeting fabric for a great warm weather option. The cotton lining feels cool on your face while keeping you protected and allowing you to breathe comfortably. These cotton lined face masks will be great for those who live in warm climates year round or for the warmer summer months in New England and northern states. Micro Plush masks are available in fun vibrant colors.
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Our 2-Ply Comfort Fleece masks are great for cooler weather, they will keep you comfortable from September through May when the temperatures are cooler throughout much of the country. They are also comfortable in temperature controlled indoor environments. Generally speaking, we find the Comfort Fleece Masks to be the most comfortable choice at 70 Degrees and lower.
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Each mask has two elastic ear loops and each corner is back tacked to ensure the mask will last wash after wash. For those of you looking for an adjustable mask we will be adding adjustable ear toggles to our masks beginning in September.

Every Face Mask you purchase supports keeping our staff going in these extremely challenging times. We will donate a fleece or surgical style mask to someone in need with every purchase. We appreciate you considering us for your next Face Mask purchase.

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