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Artist Spotlight - Sydney Lague

Hard work, dedication, and doing what she love’s are the traits that have inspired the creativity and uniqueness of Sydney’s art.

Sydney’s interest in all things creative started at a very young age. From her very first project as a student in Kindergarten through the designs that she creates today; her artwork reflects the result of following her heart and doing what she loves. Through many attempts, failures, and over whelming successes in her creative journey one thing she has learned is that perseverance and believing in oneself can result in great things.

Ignore the critics, believe in yourself and follow your dreams, be it in the classroom, on the sport field, or in any field of study that you choose, just keep following the path” says Sydney.

Taking her artistic visions to paper is one of her many artistic talents. Be it on a sewing machine designing cloths, directing short films or kicking off her next ambition of learning to create art through the use of arc welding you can be sure that her same love and dedication will go into each piece that she creates.

Sydney is a lifelong resident of Coventry, Rhode Island. She aspires to one day attend The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where she hopes to refine her love of all things creative and have the opportunity to pursue a professional career that will allow her to continue her creative journey.

We are so pleased to have Sydney create an entirely new line of beautiful blankets for us here at American Blanket Company!