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Decorative Throw Blankets can be the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom. However, you want to find a decorative blanket that is, of course decorative, but also useful. Nothing is worse than a throw blanket that is scratchy and thin. So, it looks great draped over your couch, but no one wants to cuddle up with it; what is the good in that?!
Luster Loft Blankets are the decorative solution to this problem! Available in vibrant bold colors and soft warm neutrals. Luster Loft is silky soft and plush; the best blanket to take that much needed nap on the couch. Functional décor is so important and is usually overlooked. There is nothing wrong with buying that chic vase just because! We all have décor where its only purpose is to look nice. However, we need to include items that not only look appealing but are practical. For instance, using a blanket ladder to store and organize your throw blankets is a practical piece of décor. Luster Loft Throw Blankets are functional décor; they provide soft coziness while looking gorgeous on your couch or mattress.