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Compare Fleece Blankets: How We Make the Best Fleece Blankets

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There are hundreds of fleece blankets in the market today, flooding retailers across the country, ranging in price from $10 to $200 dollars. But how are these blankets made, and what kind of quality can you expect from them?

In order to make the best blankets in America, we had to understand what was wrong with all the other fleece blankets. We compared fleece blankets from dozens of top-brand stores around the country, across several key categories: Quality of fleece fabrics, yarn counts, knit construction, blanket pricing, sizes, blanket quality, craftsmanship and whether the blankets carried a guarantee. Review after review, we found customers dissatisfied with the quality of their fleece blankets.

Customers said they wanted a blanket that's warm yet light weight and a blanket that won't shed or pill or hold pet hair. They want a blanket that's easy to care for, so it has to be a machine washable blanket that holds up, wash after wash. Of course we'd have to make them soft, because everyone wants that, so we aimed a little further, to create the softest blankets a customer can buy today. Customers want blankets that feel as great under the covers as they look draped over a bed or chair. To ensure our blankets met customers' impeccable standards, we make our blankets right here in Fall River, Massachusetts so we can be 100% hands-on involved in every blanket we make for you.

We encourage our customers to compare blankets on the market today. We did, and it's made all the difference.


The American Blanket Company difference starts with the quality of the materials we use to make our blankets. We search the world for the finest materials and fabrics because the fabric is the foundation of quality. We use only the finest 288 filament polyester yarns and softest fleece fabrics available in the world today. These fine, micro-denier fibers create ultra-soft, warm and durable materials.


We brush and shear our fleece on both the face and the back of each blanket, 6 times to achieve a smooth, non-shed, non-pill finish. The quality of our fleece, and the meticulous care we take to make our blankets are what differentiates us from the rest of the fleece blankets. It takes more time and attention, but it is the only way we know that works.


Our stitching process is done using a multi-needle top and bottom cover stitch machine. This machine uses 5 cones of thread and creates an added level of durability while providing a nice decorative stitch around the hem of the blanket. We prefer to use a self-fabric hem, opposed to a satin binding. Satin binding tends to break down and fray after multiple washings. Our fabric hem is much more durable (and softer!) than the satin binding and prolongs the life of our blankets.

Blankets are Our Business

Our business model doesn't revolve around sourcing lower cost fibers and fabrics to hit a price point, but is designed to craft the best blanket we can and to provide great value to our customers. We invest more into each product, but ultimately you have the best we can create. We encourage everyone on our team to use their best judgment, and we ask ourselves every day, “Is this the best we can do, and will our customers be happy with their purchase?”

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to know the quality of a fleece blanket is to hear what other customers have to say about them. So if you're shopping our competition (that's everyone), be sure to read their customer reviews, then take a look at ours. Each fleece blanket we sell has a customer review section at the bottom of the page, or view our fleece blanket reviews & testimonials.

We're super proud to put our name on every blanket we make, and we hope you'll give us a try. Have a look around and shop with confidence because you're buying the best and we guarantee every fleece product we make.

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