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Luxury Blankets and Throws

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Luxury may mean a little something different to everyone. Some may think of a luxury hotel, or maybe a luxury car, home or yacht. But can a blanket be a luxury blanket? Sure, maybe if it’s made of silk or velvet or cashmere, but what if it’s a blanket made of fleece?

At face value, luxury means ‘the state of great comfort and extravagant living’ or ‘luxurious, or of the nature of luxury’.

We suppose the world’s softest blankets could be considered extravagant—but seeing as you can get our best luxury throw blankets for just $49 or one of our finest luxury blankets for just $59, extravagance feels well, almost a little too easy.

So what can you expect from our luxury blankets and throws?

First, you can expect a myriad of vast and disparate differences between an American Blanket luxury blanket and almost any other fleece blankets on the market today.

Your luxury blankets and throws are made in Fall River, Massachusetts from some of the finest micro-denier fleece found in the world: 288 filament yarns that go through an overly obsessive brushing and shearing process (6 times on both sides) to ensure that your blanket will never shed or pill.

We then stitch your blanket using a multi-needle top and bottom cover stitch machine, using 5 cones of thread to create the required level of durability to meet your most demanding luxury bedding needs. We use a self-fabric hem (as opposed to a satin binding) so it won’t break down or wear over time in the washer or dryer.

We vacuum the blankets repeatedly so there are no loose blanket fibers, and when we’re done we painstakingly inspect every blanket we make before packaging our blankets and shipping them to you.

There isn’t much luxury to be had for reasonable money these days, so we feel we’re onto something. They’re not made of gold, although we do make a gorgeous Golden Dune and a dozen or so other colors that are sure to make you and your home feel just a little more luxurious.

It’ll feel extravagant—but you’re worth it—and so are they, because we guarantee them for life. So if at anytime, for any reason, an American Blanket stops feeling ultra plush and soft, like a luxury blanket ought to, just drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to take it back and provide you with a brand new luxury blanket.

Luxury blankets of exceptional quality and value, in twin, queen, king and California king size blankets and oversize throws.

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