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5 Reasons Customers Love American-made, Impeccable Fleece Bedding Blankets

When you buy American Blanket Company bedding, you're buying the absolute finest fleece blankets made in America (or anywhere) today.

Here's five reasons why you'll love the best bedding reasonable money can buy. They happen to also be the same things that set us apart from every other fleece blanket made in the world today.

  • We make our blankets in America, at our shop in Fall River, Massachusetts, so we can keep a critical eye on the quality and construction of every blanket that leaves the factory floor
  • After over 20 years in the fleece business, we've found the ultimate fleece fabric for the perfect combination of warmth, plush softness and durable longevity
  • We craft one of the only true, no-shed, no-pill fleece blankets
  • We triple stitch all four corners of our blankets, so the hems will never unravel
  • We back every blanket we make with a 100% lifetime guarantee
Looks can be deceiving
Take a careful look around at all those ultra soft and cozy looking fleece blankets you see in big retail shops today. They may look pretty and feel soft, but we all know too well what happens when you wash and dry them a few times. They shed, they pill and fall apart.

Our highest quality fleece blankets are available in three levels of softness: Peaceful Touch is our soft fleece blanket. Supple Touch is our softer, plush fleece blanket and Luster Loft is the softest fleece blanket.

Before you shop our blankets, here's just a few tips:

  • If you don't want friends asking you all kinds of questions like, 'OMG, where did you get this amazing blanket?' or 'Wow, how do they get them to be so soft?' just don't show them to anyone. Keep the soft blanket secrets to yourself.
  • Don't use our blankets if you need to be somewhere important in the morning. They tend to induce a state of such warmth and plush comfort that it can actually be more difficult to get out of bed.
  • People tend to fight over them. If you've got more than one person living in your home, consider getting them their own blanket, or order personalized blankets, so there's no confusion over whose blanket is whose.
  • Occasionally, customers who purchase gorgeous, non shedding, no pill, made in America, guaranteed for life blankets, just up and throw away all of their old fleece blankets.
You can't say we didn't warn you :)

We like to think they're the only fleece blankets worth buying, and we hope you enjoy using them every bit as much as we enjoy making them.