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Cheap Blankets, Are you really saving money? What’s That Affordable Blanket Really Costing You?

How the Lifetime Value of a Cheaper Low-Cost Blanket Will Actually Cost You Thousands

Have you ever had a blanket that was unusable after a short while? Some the stitching around the edge falls apart after a few washes. Some they appear to be something online or in the store but when you get them home you find they are not what you expected. Some the blankets get pilled after a few washes. Some aren’t even washable so caring for them is such a pain we’d rather just toss them and buy a new one. If you actually think about it, how much are you really spending on blankets then?

Let’s put it this way. According to Statista, the average life expectancy in the USA in 2018 was 76 for men and 81 for women. Most of us start out on our own in our mid-twenties and in charge of buying home goods for our apartments or first homes. Meaning that after you graduate college, you are no longer dependent on your parents for these simple necessities. So that’s about 55 years worth of purchasing home goods.

Now let’s say you opt for the average $45 fleece blanket on many other internet shopping locations. It’s affordable, has high ratings, and is available with free shipping. Plus its machine washable and as long as it keeps you warm and cozy it’s good enough, right? Well after a wash or two you find the blanket has lost its luster and just isn’t keeping you cozy anymore. So you toss it and buy another only to have the same problem the following winter. Maybe you opt for a different brand or slightly higher price, but you keep running into the same issue. For most people, this behavior continues and they never seem to find the right blanket and just think that’s how all blankets are. So the lifetime value of those blankets is really $1,125 at the low end ($45 x 25 years, or a blanket every two years).

You probably already figured that out and probably aren’t most people. But just because it’s a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. That lifetime value could increase respectively. What you really need is a blanket that will never shed or pill no matter how many times you wash it. You want that luster finish and soft, coziness to last long after a hundred washes. So how do you find said blanket?

For starters, you look for a lifetime guarantee. Something that you’ve most likely heard when shopping for kitchen appliances and not blankets. Well, Luster Loft carries such a guarantee. The super plush and soft fabric is made from the best, lofted fibers in the world. It’s so durable, it will never shed or pill in the wash. They stand by the quality and durability of their blankets so much that you can return the blanket at any time for any reason and get your money back. The queen blanket for $99 might seem a lot higher than that Amazon one, but it’s actually saving you $1,276 over your lifetime. So the lifetime value of a Luster Loft blanket is exactly what you pay. Take those savings and do what you like. Put it away for your kid's college or go on vacation. Either way, you’ll never have to buy another unless you want one for your couch or spare bedroom. But at least you won’t have to replace them.