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Cotton Towels Made in the USA, Big Oversized Cotton Towels

It all starts with the best cotton grown in the USA. Most cotton towels in the market today are produced in foreign countries and brought into the USA from Pakistan, Egypt, India, China etc. American Blanket Company sources its cotton from South East USA and Texas. Our Cotton is grown in beautiful fields in the USA. The Southern domestic soil is some of the finest soil in the world. The USA has a deep rooted history in cotton production and we still consider our soil to be the best in the world.

Once the finest cotton in world has been grown and cultivated we then spin the smooth, soft cotton into yarn. Our Ringspun yarn is super fine, super soft and extremely durable. This Ringspun technique has proven to create very durable yarn over time and allows our towels to withstand numerous washes without breaking down wash after wash. Our Ringspun yarns are also very absorbent. What we have created is a towel that is medium soft, extremely durable, and very absorbent. Our towels may not feel like the softest towel upon first touch but what you will find is our American Made Towels are capable of holding their cotton fibers together. No longer will you dry your body and pick off the loose fibers as you get dressed. These perfectly produced towels will be the towel you wish you had found years ago. Not to soft, not to harsh, but just right. Feel the comfort, admire the absorption, but never feel like you are stuck with your purchase. ABC towels are guaranteed for life. Buy a set today and experience the best we can produce.

These oversized cotton towels are perfect for pool side lounging, relaxing on the beach and also great for a salon, spa, hotel or sports clubs.

Enjoy them today, ships in 24 hrs.

100% Cotton Towels| USA made