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Custom Blankets, Custom Cotton Blankets and Custom Fleece Blankets

Custom blankets are not easy to find when searching online retailers and brick and mortar retailers. When shopping in a department store or specialty store, generally the blankets on the shelf are traditional sizes 60" x 90" Twin, 90" x 90" Queen and a 108" x 90" King.

The average height of a mattress today is larger than years ago, yet all the blankets have stayed the same size for the past 50 years. An average mattress 30 years ago was 10" high. In 2019 mattresses with extra large inserts, a pillow top and an extra support layer have grown to 15" and sometimes as high as 20". If you have purchased one of these bigger, thicker and fluffier mattresses over the past few years you probably have found that it is difficult to find a blanket that will properly fit your mattress. The average blanket will not tuck under your mattress, it will hang unsightly off the side of the bed.

Who makes Custom Blankets? American Blanket Company has the answer to your problem. American Blanket Company is the only company in the USA that makes custom blankets specifically for these big mattresses manufactured today. They will also make a custom blanket in any size and any dimension you may need.

Are you looking for a 120" x 90", a 130" x 90" or a 150" x 90"? Any one of these sizes can be made. American Blanket Company can make a blanket up to 110" in length as well. If you like to pull the blankets over your shoulders or over your head special blankets can be made with a 110" length. They will hand make a blanket 120" x 110", 130" x 110", a 150" x 110" or any size that you feel works best for your custom mattress size or your physique.

Small blankets are not a problem as well. If you would like a small blanket for a dog, cat, hamster, or even your dolls we would be happy to make a custom blanket for you.

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