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King Size Blankets, How to find King Blankets Big Enough For Your Mattress?

Finding a King Size Blanket that fits your king size mattress is not any easy task today. We have searched around the web to locate blankets wide enough and long enough that will encompass your entire king King Size mattress. After an extensive search and realizing these large blankets are not available in the market today we decided to make them ourselves. American Blanket Company is the only blanket company in the world that will make large king blankets specifically for you and your large king size mattress. These King Size blankets are made from the highest quality polyester fleece and cotton fabrics in the world. Our Fleece fabric is made from a 288 filament, spun polyester microfiber yarn. This is the highest quality polyester yarn in the world and the fabric is sourced from a single supplier in China who makes the fabric to our exact specifications. Our fleece fabric is brushed and sheared 6 times. Our fleece blankets are well known because they are the only blankets that do not shed or pill. This one of a kind fabric is shipped to our shop in Fall River, Massachusetts and then hand cut and sewn to size based on your request.

Our King Size cotton blankets are also made in the USA from Cotton that is grown in the southeastern region of the US and parts of Texas. Our cotton yarn is spun to perfection and then shipped to Maine where the blankets are woven on tradition blanket weaving machines. This fabric is then cut into blankets and dyed and finished to ensure these cotton blankets will not shrink or shed after multiple washes.

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