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Warm Winter Blankets Start with the Warmest Fleece: American Blanket Company

Warm Winter Blankets Start With the Warmest Fleece

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There’s lots of ways to keep warm on a cold winter’s night, but one of the softest and most comfortable ways: Keep warm winter blankets on your bed.

But how do blankets keep us warm when we sleep?

Truth is blankets aren’t warm—people are warm and blankets use our body heat to keep us warm and toasty inside when it’s cold and nippy outside.

Our bodies radiate heat away from ourselves as we sleep, and blankets do a couple things that make it harder for our body’s heat to escape. First, the blanket absorbs the heat of the body, keeping our body’s heat closer to us and letting heat dissipate more slowly.

Second, a blanket, like anything we put over ourselves, has reflective properties. This means that as our body heat radiates away from us, some of this heat is reflected back to us, or absorbed into the blanket as heat and then emitted back to our body as warmth.

As anyone who spends lots of active time outdoors can tell you, layering is one of the keys to cold weather warmth. A series of blankets or layers of bedding (sheets, blankets, comforters, etc.) is ideal for increasing warmth in cold sleeping conditions, but if we use too many blankets, it’s easy for us to overheat.

A good, medium weight fleece blanket is perfect when layered with a sheet or comforter and a heavy or weighted blanket is perfect if you’re using it alone or with a sheet.

And it’s not just warmth we need to consider: Comfort is key when trying to stay warm. Fleece is a softer and cozier fabric than most blankets and fleece doesn’t have the itchiness sometimes found in wool. The warmth and softness of a fleece winter blanket can help soothe you to sleep and keep you sleeping more comfortably throughout a cold night. 

Warm fleece blankets come in a variety of different weights and pile heights. You can trap and retain your body’s precious heat with any of our warm winter blankets, but we might suggest our newly redesigned Supple Touch blanket, now at 14 ounces or 400 grams per square foot.

And if you happen to be sleeping outside this winter, one of the nice things about warm fleece winter blankets (over a wool blanket) is that they’re easy to dry if they get wet. Just wring out the blanket and almost immediately, they begin to dry. The insulating properties of fleece, even when wet, make it an excellent choice for cold weather outdoor conditions and because fleece is light-weight and easy to stow and pack, fleece is a terrific choice for winter warmth, even when sleeping outdoors.

Warm Blanket Tip: In addition to keeping a warm fleece blanket on top of you, consider placing a fleece blanket over your mattress and under your fitted mattress sheet. Not only will this make your mattress a little softer and cozier, it will help prevent heat from escaping into the air pockets in your mattress. It’s like a warm and toasty fleece blanket sandwich, with you in the middle. Enjoy the warmth!

Whether you need a lightweight winter blanket for layering, a medium weight winter blanket or a heavy weighted winter blanket, you’re sure to find one here. All of our blankets are available as twin, queen, king and California king size fleece blankets, with oversized and custom sizes available too.

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