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What is the Best Blanket for Summer?

The best blanket for summer can be found in several fabric classifications. Cotton Blankets and Fleece Blankets tend to be the best fabrics transitioning from cool spring evenings to warmer summer nights.

Cotton Blankets have traditionally been a great fabric and blanket for the summer. They tend to be lighter weight and the cotton fabric itself is naturally cool against skin. This is why the majority of Jersey Knit
T-shirts and traditional woven fabrics used in summer weight apparel are made from cotton.

Cotton can breathe and it is a natural fiber so it tends to be non-allergenic. Cotton is softer than a fine wool making it feel good against your skin. Cotton blankets do not need to be dry cleaned so they are easy to care for. Place a cotton blanket in the washer on a cool water temp setting and tumble dry on low heat and the blanket will come out fresh and clean.

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Light Weight Fleece blankets are the best blankets for summer. 100% polyester fleece blankets are light weight, breathable and easy to care for. A high quality fleece blanket will last for years. Fleece is thinner and compacts smaller than other fabrics making them great travel blankets. Keep a twin fleece blanket in the trunk of your car for emergencies or those open air convertible cruises. Place a fleece blanket in your beach bag for the softest barrier between you and the sand. Fleece blankets dry super quick, this makes them the best blankets for boating activities as well. Fleece wicks away moisture allowing it to be a perfect blanket for those hot summer nights. When purchasing a fleece blanket be sure to look for a quality product that will not shed or pill. If the fabric has a smooth low pile finish most likely it will last wash after wash.
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