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A Blanket for Children that Stays Clean

Blankets for Kids

The attachment a young child has to its first blanket is phenomenal. They can be seen dragging it around the yard, sucking on the corner while watching cartoons, and wrapped in it as they eat breakfast. The problem is all this dragging, sucking, and eating turns this cuddly friend into a dirty mess. American Blankets has solved this problem by making a quality blanket you can keep clean. Now, there is not a magical blanket material with the ability to stay clean forever. Life happens even to blankets. So here are a few tips on how to clean your American Blanket.

First, place your Baby Blanket in the washer and set on the cool temperature. 

Second, place in your favorite washing detergent your baby feels most comfortable with in the machine and run your machine on the normal cycle.

Third, after washing is complete place the baby blanket in the dryer and run on a low heat cycle. You will find that many blankets can tend to lose their softness if the blankets are dried on a high heat cycle. What is so great about American Blanket Company baby blankets is the fabric is made from 100% polyester so the fabric will dry very quickly even when the heat is set on the low temperature.

Fourth, take out your baby blanket and pass it to your loved one fresh and clean. Our fabrics resist pilling, shedding and are stain resistant. Your baby will be so happy to enjoy the snuggly softness wash after wash.

As a parent, you want a blanket you can keep clean and that stays soft. At American Blankets we are dedicated to making the best blankets with the best materials. Everything we do is made to last a lifetime.

Our products represent a culture of warm kindness. From the child who can’t sleep without it to the adult who will keep it in the closet forever our blankets are made to last and provide years of comfort.