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American-Made Throw Blankets

The Fourth of July is coming up. Show patriotism by buying American-made Throw Blankets at American Blanket Company. When American companies subsidize jobs in other countries, they are not creating any wealth in the United States. Buying products is not simply a matter of national pride, but it is supporting America itself. American Blanket Company offers the highest quality throw blankets made in the United States. Our throw blankets include variations such as “Peaceful Touch”, “Supple Touch”, and “Luster Loft”. American Blanket Company offers a great selection of colors, so customers can find the best present for a baby shower, college graduation, or birthday present. You can use these blankets for camping, watching outdoor sports games, napping, reading, or cuddling. The double-sided blankets are extremely lightweight, yet still retain body heat. They are easy to take care of and dry quickly.You can wash our throw blankets at home. All of our blankets are made with the best polyester yarns and fabrics. These fine micro-denier fibers allow customers to feel soft, warm, and keep the blankets for a long time. Unlike many companies that brush and shear once, all of our fabrics are brushed and sheared on both front and back six times each to avoid shedding and pilling. If your blankets brush or shear, you can send your blanket back to American Blanket Company, and we will send it back to you for free. One more special offer is embroidery. American Blanket Company wants to make your blanket as special as you can. We embroider in our shop in Fall River, Massachusetts. You will receive your gift within 10 days to your house. Why not support American-made throw blankets to support our nation that we love and to keep warm as well!