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Best Soft Baby Blankets

There’s little that is worse in this world than the sound of a screaming baby. In a survey, invented for this blog, statisticians have found that most parents would rather fall face first, down a set of brick stairs than listen to the high-pitched banshee yell that can come out of those little darlings. Something about that concentrated scream causes us to share in the terrible anguish that our poor child is going through. However, one of the best tools for extinguishing that anguish is the soothing feel of a soft baby blanket. Our hand-stitched baby blankets are made from our signature Luster Loft fabric, which makes them snuggly and calming. Our soft baby blankets are great for calming a child’s screams and are made from materials that are best for your baby. Whether you’re looking for a smooth quilt that will sooth your baby during nap time, or something that has more of a tactile feel like our triangle patterned blankets, our soft baby blankets are fantastic for your bundles of joy. As a parent you know that keeping your sanity intact comes from keeping that shrill scream down to a soft grumble. Not only is this beneficial to your mental health, but it’s also been proven to prevent sickness in your baby. Studies have shown that babies who cry too much suffer from sore throats as well as difficulty in receiving nutrition. The easiest and snuggliest, preventative medicine is a soft baby blanket to soothe those tears and calm those throats. Here at American Blanket Company, we offer a wide variety of soft baby blankets for those most important to you. While both comfortable and durable, our blankets make a great gift for an expectant friend, those with newborns, or a great long-term investment for your own child. No matter how much we love our adorable babies, a screaming one can make our lives just a bit harder. Our hand-stitched soft baby blankets can help make your life just a bit easier by calming away those cries and replacing them with coos.