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Biggest Oversized Fleece Blankets

Biggest Oversized Fleece Blankets

Biggest Oversized Fleece Blankets

Our biggest and coziest blankets are a customer favorite! Our Biggest Fleece Blankets are available in our two fleece fabric materials, Luster Loft and Peaceful Touch. We often get asked; what are the differences between the two fabrics?

Luster Loft is our most luxurious plush fleece fabric. It is silky, soft, and soothing and our customer say over and over how much they love it. Once you touch Luster Loft fabric, you will know the difference. It washes like a dream and pets and babies just love the soothing, tactile feel! Luster Loft is the perfect indoor fabric, and the softness will last a lifetime. In fact, our Luster Loft blankets are Guaranteed for Life!

Peaceful Touch is a lighter-weight, micro-plush technical fleece and is known for its comfort, durability, and performance. It feels super smooth and velvety to the touch. This fabric is a customer favorite for its shake-clean-ability that is just as great for outdoors, pets, and rough and tumble kids, as it is for a cozy bed blanket or couch throw. It is also great for blanket forts, picnics, boats, cars, and RVs.

Our oversized blankets make everything better (and more fun!). Grab an oversized Peaceful Touch Blanket and go for a picnic or head to the beach. Peaceful Touch is easy to clean and fast drying, which makes it perfect for all your outdoor adventures! Take your blanket forts up a notch! Use our oversized blankets to make the best forts with the kiddos. Need an extra layer of warmth at night? Luster Loft has got you covered. Available in sizes from 120”x88” to 150”x110”. No more fighting over the blankets. Blanket Hogs Have Met Their Match!