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Blankets Made in the USA

Blankets Made in the USA

Many fleece blankets start out as soft blankets, but how to keep them soft blankets is the secret.

Walk into a retailer today and try to find a blanket made in the USA. Odds are, the blankets on the shelf will be produced in a foreign country. Not only is the American Blanket Company committed to making blankets locally, but we're committed to making the best blankets in America.

We search the world for the finest micro fiber polyester yarns, then the fine filament yarns are knit to our exact specifications. The fabric is then meticulously brushed and sheared to create an extremely soft, non-shedding and non-pilling fabric. When the blanket fabrics are absolutely as soft as we can get them and we know they will stand up to many washes we will approve them.

The fabric is cut and sewn by hand, then inspected and packaged in our signature white gift box with silver ribbon. Each blanket ships after these extra steps to ensure we make it easier for you when purchasing a thoughtful gift for someone. All American Blankets can be customized and personalized with embroidery or monogrammed with initials in a custom font and color of your choice.

When we make the finished blankets locally, we can keep a close eye on all aspects of the production process to ensure that every blanket we ship out the door is product-tested, customer-ready and backed by our lifetime guarantee. If you're looking for the best blankets in America, we've got you covered.