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Cheap Blankets: Are they really saving you money?

Cheap Blankets: Are they really saving you money?

Cheap Blankets, Are you really saving money? 

So, you’re walking through a home décor store, and you see the perfect blanket to throw over your bedroom comforter. You check the price, and its only $20! You think to yourself, “what a deal!” You feel the material, it’s soft and plush and it would be perfect for that extra layer of warmth. You go to the check out and bring the bargain blanket home with you. And guess what? The blanket is great! It looks nice in your bedroom, keeps you cozy and warm at night, its simply perfect.


You decide to wash the blanket; you haven’t washed it and you have been sleeping with it for multiple nights. You throw the blanket in the washer, and then in the dryer. This should be no big deal, right?

You then open your dryer after it’s all done, and you see the horrible mess! There is fuzz and fur everywhere! The blanket shed so badly that now, you are stuck with a mess to clean up in your dryer and you need to run out to the store and buy a new blanket. Does this sound familiar? We have all been there. Which is why American Blanket Company created soft and durable blankets. Our blankets can withstand many washes, and still retain their sheen and softness.

Our Luster Loft Blankets start at $79, and our Peaceful Touch Blankets start at $49. Of course, these blankets are pricier than the bargain blanket that was only $20. However, if you buy a cheaper blanket that doesn’t last, and you have to go out and buy a new blanket, you have just spent $40 in about two or three months. If you were to buy a Peaceful Touch for $49, these blankets are made to last for years to come.

Math time: Let’s say you buy a new $20 blanket every two months; you are purchasing around six blankets in one year! That would cost you about $120 for blankets that are made with poor quality fabrics. Okay, so now you buy the most luxurious blanket ever, Luster Loft. It would be about $6.58 per month for the whole year. Of course, Luster Loft is made to last you a lifetime. So, let’s stretch that to ten years, that would only be $0.66 per month.

High quality fabrics will cost you more upfront, but they will last you much longer. So, is that cheap blanket worth it? Absolutely not! Get yourself a Luster Loft or Peaceful Touch blanket and enjoy them for a lifetime.