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Coziest Down Comforters

Coziest Down Comforters

Our Cozy Down Comforters can’t be beat!

Down comforters are loved because they are breathable and warm, without adding any of the weight. There are many factors to look for when purchasing a down comforter. Fill Power plays a major role in the quality and distribution of the down/fill. Fill Power refers to the “fluffiness” or density of the comforter. Thread count is another aspect that needs to be considered when purchasing a comforter. Often, we think the higher the thread count, the better the quality. This is a false claim that many companies wrongly advertise. There could be a comforter that states it is 900 thread count but is made with poor fabric material making it rough and scratchy. The quality of the fabric in correlation to the thread count is what determines the softness of the comforter. Another key component is the baffle boxes. Baffle Boxes are square boxes sewn throughout the comforter; they ensure that the down is evenly distributed and allows for maximum loft. A wonderful feature that is sewn into all our comforters is the duvet anchors. Securely fasten your duvet cover to the anchors to prevent any slipping. When buying a down comforter, it is valuable to know how the duck down is being sourced. It is best to support companies that source their duck down ethically and humanely. American Blanket Company uses ethically sourced Duck Down for our comforters. Certified by the International Down & Feather Lab (IDFL), our suppliers must undergo a comprehensive audit to ensure the proper wellbeing of the animals.

So which comforter is best for you?

Down Comforter-Heavy Weight:

The warmest and coziest sleep you will ever have. Made with ethically sourced Duck Down that will keep you warm and snug all night long. 650 fill power, with minimum 75% duck down, 360 thread count and 15” full baffles boxes. 100% Cotton Shell.

Down Comforter-Medium Weight:

Not too light, not too heavy, just right! Perfect for year-round use. 600 fill power, with minimum 75% duck down, 360 thread count and 10” full baffle boxes. 100% Cotton Shell.

Luxury Hypo-Allergenic Comforter:

Same high-quality comforter that provides you warmth and luxury, without any of the down. 100% Poly fill, anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic, 360 thread count and 10” full baffle boxes. 100% Cotton Shell.

Care Instructions: It is recommended that you get your down comforter professionally laundered at least one to two times per year. Spot clean if necessary