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How To Make a Blanket Feel Soft & Cozy

The best thing about fleece blankets is that they’re soft and cozy. One of the worst things about fleece blankets however, is that some fleece blankets shed or pill when washed or dried. In order to make a better blanket, we wanted to make a blanket that stays soft and cozy wash after wash and a blanket that won’t shed or pill—ever.

To do this, we first raise the pile (or softness) of a blanket by repeatedly brushing the blankets with super sharp brushing bristles. This raises the surface and nap of the blanket and helps the fleece ‘bloom’. As the blanket is brushed, the sharp bristles lift the fabric’s yarns and this is what makes the blanket soft and cozy and even warmer than before the blanket was brushed.

Most fleece companies brush their fleece once or twice to make the fleece look nice or feel soft. But to ensure that a blanket feels soft and stays soft and to prevent fleece from shedding, a blanket must be brushed again and again. We brush our fleece 6 times on both sides of the blanket fabric because a blanket should look and feel soft and cozy on both sides of the blanket—not just the side you can see.

Once the fleece is brushed or raised, we trim (shear) the fleece with razor sharp shearing blades to precisely cut each and every fiber of the blanket. The result: Blankets that have been brushed to lift the soft and cozy fibers and trimmed for a gorgeous, level pile.

Once we’ve got the best fleece in hand and the blankets have been brushed and sheared, we’re ready for the next step in the process:

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