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Our Company

The Best Blankets Designed, Sewn & Finished in the USA.

American Blanket Company was formed because I wanted the best fleece blanket in the world and I wanted it made in the USA. I searched high and low and did not find one so we decided to open our own shop in Fall River, Massachusetts.

I was born into the textile world. My father manufactured apparel in Ware, Massachusetts. He traveled to the best fabric producers in the world and shipped those premium quality materials from Paris, England, Scotland and within the USA. His shop sold to some of the best retailers in the USA. I spent countless afternoons in that workshop as a boy. I swept the floors around sewing machines and cutting tables strewn with thread and fabric cuttings. I worked my way up to the cutting department, learning the essentials of quality fabrics and construction that I still use to this day.

As with many other textile companies at the time, the type of contract work my father’s shop produced was eventually shipped overseas in favor of lower cost labor. Dad's shop was forced to close its doors in the mid-late 1980’s. The people I worked along side for years no longer had jobs. At that time I did not really understand what was happening but it was an experience which I still carry today.

In 1993, I founded Berkshire Blanket Inc with my brother, sister and a longtime family friend. With a lot of hard work, we built Berkshire Blanket to be the largest blanket company in the USA. In 2000, import quotas were increased on imported blankets coming into the USA from overseas. We watched a rapid change in the market. In order to meet the needs of our retail partners, we had to shift to importing blankets to keep the company competitive. We eventually sold Berkshire Blanket and at that point it became my mission to bring manufacturing back the the USA.

American Blanket Company was born in 2012. We located the company in Fall River, Massachusetts once known as the textile capital of the world. Our mission was to create the world’s best fleece blankets with a team of dedicated US artisans, right in Massachusetts.

I believe, if we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, the bedding needs to be just right. Thicker, plusher, softer, warmer than anything else we have seen in the market ~ our fabrics are the softest, smoothest, silkiest and dreamiest fabrics available anywhere in the world. Our fleece fabrics are designed not to shed or pill, they wash like a dream and are constructed of a quality that will last a lifetime.

Because we make our blankets by hand, we can custom make the blanket of your dreams right in our Fall River, Massachusetts workshop. We are not focused on lowest cost or highest volume, we take our time to make it right. We design, cut, sew, finish, personalize, warehouse, and ship 99% of our products right here in the USA - just for our customers.

Today, we have grown our product lines to include comforters, towels, sheets, pillows, scarves and even Christmas stocking. With each item we offer, we make sure it is the very best quality and value for our loyal customers. Some of our raw materials are made in the USA and others are imported, but they are always the best available anywhere in the world.

As I watch our products being made today, I am so proud of what we created and the family that we built at American Blanket Company. We are proud to have our products in your home, proud to make the best products in the world, with the best artisans, right here in the USA. We hope that you will consider us next time you need a blanket in your own home or when you are looking for the perfect gift. We want you to know the amount of detailed work that went into the product you receive, the luxurious fabrics we use, the fine craftsmanship and customizations that we offer, truly makes our blankets unique.

With Pride,
Rick Lotuff
Founder of American Blanket Company