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The Best Green Blankets You'll Ever Buy - St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up really soon, and everyone is getting out their favorite green gear for the occasion. When it comes this Sunday, you might want to go out on a picnic and enjoy some time in the sun. You’ll probably want a decent blanket for the occasion, but you know you can always do better. Here’s why you should shop with American Blanket Company for the best green blanket you’ll ever buy.

Let’s talk about quality, shall we? Most fleece blankets will have pilling problems, where little bits of fabric ball up into lint-like bunches and get all over the place. Our blankets are guaranteed to not pill, since we shear both sides of each blanket six times to take out all of the excess ourselves. If you do have pilling problems, send the blanket back to us and we’ll replace it for free, guaranteed. Most other blanket companies will only shear one side of the blanket to cut costs, but we believe in delivering a superior fleece blanket instead of compromising quality.

Also, while St. Patrick’s Day is all about the Irish, you also should take some pride in being American, too. American Blanket Company’s blankets are all made here in the United States, so when you buy from us you’re supporting an American company with American workers, just like you and those you know.

While any old green blanket will probably work fine for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, wouldn’t you rather have the softest, gentlest, warmest fleece blanket to cuddle up in? With a variety of sizes and styles (and non-green colors, too), we’ll have you covered no matter what your blanket-related needs are. Come and order a blanket yourself and find out why we have the best green blankets you’ll ever buy.