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Warm Throw Blankets - Great for Summer Nights

Model draping a 100% Cotton Cable Weave Blanket Over her along a beach coast, American Blanket Company

American Blanket Company offers a selection of warm throw blankets. Choose from the three throw blankets: Peaceful Touch, Supple Touch, and Luster Loft. These throw blankets will surely make you feel serene while wrapped up in its soft warmth. This summer, you may think you do not need a warm blanket, but you would be surprised. Bring your warm throw blanket to family camping trips, outdoor parties, and picnics. Summer nights can be chilly, so make sure you have your favorite American Blanket Company throw blanket with you to keep you warm. You never know when you need a nice plush blanket to cuddle up in. Share your blanket with someone and snuggle up. No need for a fire when you have your warm throw blanket on your camping adventures with the family. Enjoy your summer nights with the nice comfort of your soft throw blanket. You will always warm up with your throw blanket from American Blanket Company. This blanket will be great to use during all seasons and occasions. You can always find a use for your warm throw blanket. These throw blankets are made of the finest material to ensure you the most warmth and comfort. You will never want to leave your blanket behind. American Blanket Company makes warm throw blankets straight from the U.S.A. These throw blankets are non-shedding and non-pilling. Unlike most plush blankets, these blankets will endure over the years. They are machine washable and still maintain their soft feel. American Blanket Company assures that these blankets will last by backing them up with a lifetime guarantee. These throw blankets are perfect gifts for weddings and loved ones, because American Blanket Company creates superior products that last a lifetime and make your loved ones feel good. All gifts will arrive at your doorstep, pre-wrapped and ready to give. Feel good about your American Blanket Company throw purchase and warm up.