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Warm Winter Blankets

Warm Winter Blankets

Warm Winter Blankets:

It all starts with the warmest fleece...

The best way to get all cozy and warm is with soft blanket. During those cold winter months, nothing is better than getting comfy on the couch with your favorite fleece blanket and a mug of hot cocoa. But exactly how do our blankets keep us warm?

Our bodies emit heat and when we put a blanket over us, that blanket helps trap in heat by releasing it at a slower rate.

As anyone who spends lots of active time outdoors can tell you, layering is the best way to keep warm. A series of blankets or layers of bedding (sheets, blankets, comforters, etc.) is ideal for increasing warmth in cold sleeping conditions.
A good, medium weight fleece blanket is perfect when layered with a sheet or comforter.

And it’s not just warmth we need to consider; comfort is key when trying to stay warm. Fleece is a softer and cozier fabric than most blankets and fleece doesn’t have the itchiness sometimes found in wool. The warmth and softness of a fleece winter blanket can help soothe you to sleep and keep you sleeping more comfortably throughout a cold night.

Warm Blanket Tip: We suggest layering your fleece blanket between your comforter and sheet. This will further help trap in heat and make you feel warm and toasty all night long!

All of our blankets are available as twin, queen, king, and California king size fleece blankets, with oversized and custom sizes available too.