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Summer Blankets from American Blanket Company

10 Must-Have Features of Quality Summer Blankets

1. Summer blankets (especially when used outdoors), should be oversized, to accommodate up to four people when you're having a picnic. A 50"x70" throw can work, but we prefer 50"x80". If a throw is too small for picnicking, consider a queen or king size summer blanket for larger gatherings.
2. A good summer blanket should wick moisture and dry quickly. Microfiber fleece is a perfect fleece fabric with these qualities.
3. Warmth is key when boating. Even when the outside of a fleece blanket develops moisture, the inside of the blanket is still warm.
4. What good is a summer blanket if it's covered in pill balls and if it sheds all over your car seats or clothing? Look for a non shedding anti-pill fleece fabric to keep you covered in summer.
5. Summer blankets need to be soft. It's the time of year when the blanket will touch most of your bare skin (especially if it's a beach blanket), so look for a blanket that's soft, and stays soft.
6. Easy care is critical for a great summer blanket. Like beach towels, summer blankets get washed a lot more than normal.
7. Mold and mildew resistance is key for summer blankets. You want to know you can leave the blanket in a beach bag, on the boat or in the trunk of your car for a few months and be sure it's a clean and comfortable blanket when you need it.
8. You'll want a lightweight, compact blanket that's easy to tote in a backpack or beach bag.
9. Comfort: Regardless of the season, a blanket's all about comfort. You want something soft, plush and warm that makes you feel good.
10. And finally, you should look for a blanket that lasts and stands the test of time. Too often, fleece blankets feel like throw away blankets after a couple years. Look for a blanket of exceptional quality and value and keep it for many years.

We consider our Peaceful Touch line of fleece as the perfect summer blanket. It's available as an oversized fleece throw or as a summer blanket, in twin, queen, king and oversized outdoor blanket sizes.

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