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The Best Blankets Made in the USA.

We locally manufacture ultra-high quality fleece blankets that look great and feel amazing. In fact, they're exceptional, and to be honest, once you try one, you may never buy another brand again.

These days, finding a high-quality fleece blanket isn't easy. Most manufacturers are concerned about hitting a lower price point for retailers, and in order to do that, they produce overseas, and skimp on quality, resulting in poorly constructed fleece blankets that shed or pill or look shabby after just a few washes. Want to know more about the American Blanket Company difference? Check us out on our local news.

I started this company because no one was making "the best fleece blanket", and I wanted one of those. So we committed to making blankets by hand, right here in the heart and soul of textile manufacturing, Fall River, Massachusetts.

Over 40 years of textile manufacturing experience

In the fall of 1964, my father bought a small garment maker in an old mill on the banks of the Ware River in Ware, Massachusetts, and for the better part of the next thirty years, he produced women's clothing under his own name while contracting for some of the industry's better brands. Dad was making some of the finest women's apparel made in the USA.

Growing up, I spent countless afternoons in that factory. As a boy, I swept the floors around sewing machines and cutting tables strewn with thread and fabric cuttings, all for a piece of candy from the women at the sewing machines. Eventually, I worked my way up to spreader in the cutting department, learning the essentials of quality fabrics and construction.

But by the mid-1980's, much of the higher-volume apparel production was being sent overseas, and Dad's shop would soon close.

A few years later, I started a small contract cutting company of my own and In 1993, a fleece fabric came into the shop to be made into a pullover top. My sister asked if she could cut some of the fabric to give as a blanket to her boyfriend. Big idea.

I cut a fleece throw sample and arranged a meeting at a large retailer in Massachusetts. The buyer purchased 3,600 pieces right then and there, and Berkshire Blanket was born.

With my brother, sister, an old family friend and countless committed employees, we ran a company built on quality, pride, thoughtfulness and respect. Our small shop grew from its 3,000-square-foot location on the 4th floor of Dad's mill to more than 250,000 square feet of production and warehouse space in five different mill buildings in Ware, Massachusetts. By the year 2000, we had over 150 employees and produced blankets for seven of the top ten retailers in the country.

Once again however, we were faced with the dilemma of lesser-priced import products taking our spot in the life cycle of a family business. This time, we found some skilled, careful and considerate partners in Asia, who helped us continue to grow Berkshire Blanket to what it is today, and in 2006, Berkshire Blanket was sold to great partners who continue to run the much beloved brand to this day.

Now, we're at it again; this time, with a goal of making our products in America, with a small group of committed artists and craftsmen in our shop in Fall River, Massachusetts. Keeping our blankets for sale online, direct to consumers, ensures we can avoid the price point battle of the giant retailers, and take the extra steps required to make the most amazing fleece blankets and cotton blankets and make them to last a lifetime. We are committed to made in the USA product and we are now working with other U.S. manufacturers to produce high quality product for us as well. Down Comforters, Cotton Sheets and Pillows to name a few. We hope you'll consider us next time you need a premium quality product for your bedding and home textiles needs.

With pride,
Rick Lotuff, Founder

Shop blankets, throws, baby or pet with confidence, because we back all of our blankets with a lifetime guarantee.