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Down Comforters and Duvets made in America.

Down Comforters made in the USA are few and far between. American Blanket Company is committed to Made in USA comforters and we have built the highest quality down comforter available today in the market. Our shell fabric is made from 100% cotton and the fill is 100% duck down. The cotton fabric is tightly woven on high quality weaving machines to ensure the down does not come through the fabric. The seams are stitched to perfection preventing ripping or separation. The high fill power fluffy down is lofted and measured for even displacement throughout the Comforter and Duvet. The interior baffles support the even displacement and allow for a more comfortable experience as you sleep.

We source the world for high quality fabrics to ensure we are providing the best we can find for our valued customers. You can count on American Blanket Company for superior quality products and you can be sure we have our end consumers in mind. Every thoughtful decision in the design and construction process translates to the best Down Comforter and Duvet made in America.