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Best Blanket Guide for King Size Beds and King Mattress

Luster Loft Fleece Blankets - A bed made with a red luster loft fleece blanket in a modern bedroom, American Blanket Company

Best Blanket Guide for King Size Beds and King Mattress

 At 76” by 80,” a king size mattress is the largest in the mattress family. This can cause some trouble and confusion when it comes to the perfect bedding, but as you’ve started to think bigger, so have we! This guide will point you in the right direction when it comes to king size bedding, and it stars some of the trendiest and roomiest blankets on the market today. 

 A Match Made in Heaven: King Size Bed, Oversized Blanket

 Picture today’s “giant” trend of giant blankets, and then picture your daunting, brand-new king-size bed. While the dimensions of today’s oversized blankets may seem excessive, their placement on a king mattress makes perfect sense. When considering mattress thickness and height on top of the king’s dimensions, an oversized blanket leaves plenty of room on the sides and at the foot of the mattress, maximizing comfort and function while remaining customizable. A blanket truer to a king mattress’s size may lack these qualities, and at the end of the day there’s nothing worse than running out of blanket! Consider this curated list of today’s best king size bedding, listed alphabetically by company. 


 Our Top Picks: 


  1. American Blanket Company’s Biggest, Oversize Fleece Blanket

    A medium weight blanket with a tight flat knit construction and a composition of 100% polyester fleece has you covered on cold nights, as does its epic size. Perfect as a bedding layer or an all-family throw, American Blanket Company’s Biggest, Oversize Fleece Blanket is fully customizable and made to order. The blanket’s incredibly soft fleece makes it a distinct American Blanket favorite, and 95% of customer reviews give this blanket five stars for its quality and function. It comes in sizes from 120” by 88” to 150” by 110,” and all of American Blanket’s products are made here in the USA. The Biggest, Oversize Fleece Blanket comes in twelve colors and ranges from $179 to $339 depending on size, and it can be personalized with a monogram or logo of your choice. 


  1. Big Blanket Company’s Premier Plush™ Blanket 

    Looking for a thicker blanket that would work great as a throw? The Premier Plush Blanket from Big Blanket Company is noted for its textured design and breathable microfiber material. This blanket is also much larger than a king-sized bed, measuring at 10’ by 10.’ With nine color choices, the Premier Plush can upgrade any space, especially a spacious living room couch. According to Big Blanket Company’s website, the Premier Plush Blanket is made with all seasons in mind, and it only weighs ten pounds. This blanket is available for $259 on Big Blanket’s website and has a near five-star rating from over 1,000 customer reviews.


  1. Brooklinen’s Down Alternative Comforter

    A comforter is a must-have for any size of bed, and Brooklinen’s Down Alternative Comforter is a great choice for this integral layer. Though this comforter doesn’t contain the traditional down filling, it’s made of recycled materials and offers a sustainable and hypoallergenic substitute that comes in three weights: Lightweight, All-Season, and Ultra-Warm, which accommodate hot sleepers, cold sleepers, and those in between. The comforter is fitted with loops on each corner for duvet cover connection, and its king/cali king size option at 106” by 90” gives a similar amount of room in comparison to the traditional oversized blankets. In the king/cali king size, the All-Season option of the Down Alternative Comforter sells for $309 on Brooklinen’s website. 


  1. Coma Inducer’s Original Oversize Comforter 

    For Coma Inducer, it’s go plush or go home. The Original Oversized Comforter brings a multitude of cozily textured blankets that hover nearly below and above the $100 mark. Each color of the Original Oversized Comforter invites a slightly different weight and plush level – “White Sand” is mid-weight with a short plush length, while “Nightshift Black” is on the heavier side with a slightly longer plush length. These details are included on each blanket’s page on Coma Inducer’s website near the blanket dimensions, and the King size of the Original Oversize Comforter is a roomy 112” by 92.” Other available sizes are twin XL, full, and queen, and all comforters are pairable with their corresponding and equally plushy shams. Coma Inducer offers a comfortable and more affordable option for oversized blankets, as well as stylish aesthetics for your modern living room or bedroom. 


  1. The Company Store’s Large Basketweave Blanket

    For low-key style and high-key function, The Company Store’s Large Basketweave Blanket can deliver comfort year-round with its textured pure-cotton composition. This simple yet versatile blanket comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, and is even sold separately as a throw blanket in the typical 50” by 70” throw size. Though this blanket has a more formal and relaxed appearance, its king size dimensions are 110” by 96,” which make it just as spacious as the other blankets on this list. The satisfying basketweave pattern comes in five neutral colors, and the blanket is currently priced at $183 for The Company Store’s semi-annual sale (ending on 2/26/23).