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Three Must Have Oversized Blankets for Winter 2023

Three Must Have Oversized Blankets for Winter 2023 - Luster Loft Fleece Blankets, American Blanket Company

Three Must-Have Oversized Blankets for Winter 2023

 Whether in bed or on the couch, a high-quality oversized blanket can increase your level of comfort and style. While an average-sized blanket certainly does the trick, oversized blankets offer much more in addition to their size. As you prepare for chilly winter temperatures, you can count on these oversized blankets to have you covered, no pun intended!

1. American Blanket Company’s Biggest, Oversized Fleece Blankets

Made in Massachusetts, American Blanket Company’s Luster Loft fleece blanket is the perfect combination of size and comfort. The Luster Loft comes in many sizes, ranging from 120” by 88” to 150” by 110”,  making it a wonderful addition to a living room, a bedroom, and to the next best blanket fort! Can’t find a dimension you like? American Blanket Company offers custom sizing to fit your needs.

2. Parachute’s Linen Box Quilt

While specialized for your bed, the king-size Linen Box Quilt from Parachute can work anywhere. Available in seven colors and three sizes, this blanket offers both style and function as a layering piece or a comfortable throw. Though the Linen Box Quilt is on the lighter end of blankets offered by Parachute, its versatility and simplicity make it a great buy.

3. L.L. Bean’s Ultrasoft Cotton Comforter

The king-size Ultrasoft Cotton Comforter is another cozy blanket to add to your home this winter. This blanket’s soft exterior and warm interior has made it an L.L. Bean favorite, and its king-size option could make it the oversized blanket you’re looking for.