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Decorate Your Home with Fleece Blankets

Soft, fleece blankets draped throughout the house make a home look even more comfortable. No matter where you put one, the enticing look of plush fleece will draw a crowd. It’s not just the comfort that makes fleece blankets so fantastic though, these blankets work as a great decoration throughout the house as well:

  • Drape a bright colored blanket over your headboard in the bedroom and add a touch of brightness to the room’s aura.
  • Fold your blanket lengthwise and lay it over an armchair to give the room a more sophisticated look.
  • Warm up a guest room by adding a large plush fleece blanket across the bed. Fold it lengthwise and stripe it down the bottom of the bed for style.
  • Warm up the master bedroom bed with a large deep blue or dark brown fleece throw to give the essence of a cozy, romantic place.
  • Toss a light-colored fleece over the back of a colored chair, have it aligned slightly to the left or the right for a designed look.
  • Fold your blanket from corner to corner and line it up with a corner of the couch, bed, or armchair to add shape to a room.
  • Add a snug fleece blanket to a baby’s room to complete the look of serenity. Daintily drape a cozy blanket over the side of the crib for the perfect, child-like look.

Each of these design techniques is both functional and fashionable. People love to come into a room and have the opportunity to cuddle up with a soft fleece blanket. Styling these blankets throughout your house allows people to do just that.

But that’s not where blanket decor ends; the color of a blanket within each room can make a difference as well. It is said that colors evoke different feelings and energies, which is why people color coordinate different rooms of their home. A designer’s advice is to decorate/paint the rooms of your home in the following colors:

  • Dining room - red
  • kitchen - yellow
  • Living Room - lavender
  • Bedroom - green
  • Office - blue
  • Why?
    • Red: stirs up energy, excitement, and starts conversation
    • Yellow: emanates joy, cheer, and purifies the soul
    • Blue: is said to lower blood pressure, is calming, and relaxing
    • Green: relieves stress, promotes good health, and is said to even help with fertility
    • Purple: is considered sophisticated, luxurious, and creative
    • Orange: creates excitement, energy, and brings out emotions

With an array of colors, plush levels, and sizes, the American Blanket Company has exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to a comfy cozy home. Check out the numerous choices today!