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Comfy, Cozy Custom Baby Blankets and Quilts for your Little Angel

Babies love soft, warm blankets that they can touch; and while we know there are so many blankets for you to choose from, our hand-stitched custom baby blankets are made with only the best materials for your baby. We use our Luster Loft fabric which is our softest fabric for our custom baby blankets. These blankets are durable and washable, and if they ever start shedding or pilling we will replace it for free. At American Blanket Company, we employ American workers to produce the best quality blankets for your baby. We know that we may not become the largest blanket producing company in the USA, but we take pride that every blanket produced is of good quality and will be supporting an American Worker. We offer six different designs of our hand-stitched, custom baby blankets and quilts, Gardenia, Willow, and Birch. Depending on the type of blankets you want to provide for your baby will determine if you buy a blanket or a quilt. A quilt is two pieces of our Luster Loft Fabric stitched together, whereas our blankets are just one piece of our Luster Loft Fabric. The quilts will provide more warmth for you little one, and blankets are a good option for those cool summer nights. Each type of blanket or quilt has a different design to make it more of a custom baby blanket for whatever décor you may have. The Gardenia is a circular pattern for a more soft and graceful design. The Willow design, with its triangular pattern, provides a more modern and hip look for your baby’s blanket. Lastly, the Birch stripe design provides a clean, classy look with its hand-stitched stripes. Every blanket and quilt comes in a variety of colors to create the perfect custom baby blanket. To see the many options offered visit our website at