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How Fleece Blankets Become Plush

When we set out to make the best blankets, we knew we’d need to make a plush, warm blankets that stand the test of time.

Everyone knows what soft, warm and durable means, but what's a plush blanket?

The term “plush” refers to a rich soft fabric. Our fabrics are thicker and made of high-quality material. Starting with a thick base fabric will help the fabric hold together better when it is placed into the brushing machine. This is what makes our blankets feel super soft and plush!

The brushing process brings the pile height of the fabric up to the desired plushness. Then the brushed fabric is sheared to remove the loose fibers off the tips of the individual strands of yarn. When properly performed, this shearing process not only achieves a smooth, plush blanket finish, but ensures a blanket won't shed or pill—the most common side effect of almost all fleece blankets on the market today.
In addition to the natural beauty and rich feel of a plush blanket, there's a nice side effect too: warmth. The raised nature of a plush blanket creates a layer of air between you and the core of the blanket fabric. As your body generates heat while you sleep, it circulates between the layer of plush fibers and helps retain your core body temperature.

So if you’re looking for a rich, lustrous blanket that also happens to look gorgeous anywhere in your home, you’re in luck, because American Blanket Company can provide you with blankets of exceptional quality, comfort, and value.