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The Best Plush Baby Blankets

Babies are so soft and cuddly. So why shouldn’t the blanket they are wrapped up in be soft and cuddly as well. At American Blanket Company we make ultra plush and luxuriously soft baby blankets. Newborns need to be cuddled and wrapped up tightly in a soft blanket. They are not used to being outside the womb. In the womb they were nice and warm and enclosed. That is what a good baby blanket is supposed to simulate.

Wrapping a newborn in a blanket makes them feel more comfortable. If you think about it, they spent nine months in the mothers womb and then enter the world. Cuddling them in a plush blanket helps them transition to life in the outside world. Because a blanket becomes a source of comfort for a newborn, it stays with them as they grow older. Their blanket becomes a security for them.

Our baby blankets are easy to wash and care for. This makes them last longer for your child. They can always have their American Blanket Company blanket during those frightening thunderstorms and moments. The blankets are also guaranteed for life.

Memories are created with blankets, and they can be cherished forever. They may leave it behind as they grow older, but you will keep it around forever. Maybe you can even give it to your first grandchild. Create lifelong memories with a plush, soft American Blanket Company baby blanket. The sentimental value of your baby’s blanket will never fade. Give your baby the security of your loving arms, even while they are sleeping. The soft fabric will wrap them in your love during all the wonderful times of their childhood. Nap time, story time, or bedtime, American Blanket Company baby blankets are always there.