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How to Organize your Blanket Collection

How to Organize your Blanket Collection

A big reason many people are hesitant to have a lot of blankets around the house, even if they could come in handy, is because they struggle to figure out how to organize the items in aesthetically pleasing ways. Blankets don’t need to be haphazardly thrown atop couches or stuffed in linen closets. You can store them in a more traditional manner or there are creative solutions that will not only allow you to have a warm blanket at hand all the time, but will actually help create a cozy, inviting decor. American Blanket Company is here to give you inspiration on how to organize your blanket collection!

Traditionally, people just stash away their blankets and throws in bins when they’re not in use. This solution is good for when you have a fair amount of closet space, a basement, or attic to tuck them away in, or if you use shallow containers that can slide underneath a bed. But one attractive alternative to these purely functional containers is a blanket chest. These make nice decorative pieces and is a top option for stashing away items for centuries and keeping your blankets in a convenient spot all year long. Similarly, you can fold away your comfort pieces neatly in a bureau cabinet. Chests and cabinets both do take up some floor space though, so they may not fit as nicely in small homes or rooms. However, if you can find the space, both make pretty storage options.

A unique approach to putting away your collection is to use a decorative ladder or a leaning bookcase. These pieces are trending in home decor right now and look great, while also being practical for stashing blankets. The ladder will work anywhere where there’s room to lean against a wall, whether it’s in your bedroom, living room, or even a wide hallway. Some come with attachable bins as well, where they can double as towel storage. With a leaning bookcase, you can use it solely for blankets - folding, stacking, or rolling them on each level - or you can mix in other decorations to make it that much more appealing. These options are a lot better for those that don’t have an abundance of floor space but want to stay organized while being able to snag a blanket at all times during the cooler weather.
A few more options for storage include blanket-bench combination pieces, as well as baskets in corners of your rooms. The blanket benches are perfect at the end of your bed, in an entryway, or when doubling as a coffee table. You can sit or place things on top of them, while also tucking away the items you don’t use as often. Baskets will fit conveniently in the corners next to couches or in your bedroom, and make it super easy to grab a blanket quickly!

With chilly months ahead, cotton throws are often tucked away in favor of warm fleece throws. Finding unique and eye-catching storage solutions for your collection will make you want to have blankets in every room of the house. So go ahead and get that American Blanket Company blanket that you’ve been eyeing: it’ll look lovely folded on your blanket ladder.


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