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Prepare for the Worst, Use the Best

Whether you are cold, wet, or in an emergency, a good blanket can help to not only make you comfortable, but it also provides safety and security, especially during an emergency. Picking the right blanket for an emergency kit can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from, but many of us simply toss in a thin fleece wrap-around that seems to lose its luster after only one use.

Having an emergency blanket in the trunk of your car is essential. You never know what can or will happen. You could be in a car accident, your car could run out of gas or breakdown on the highway. In any situation, a warm and comforting blanket can help you feel safe & comfortable while help is on its way, or in an extreme case, when there is no help.

At American Blanket Company, we have the perfect blanket for you and your emergency kit. Our blankets come with lifetime guarantees. In fact, our blankets are so durable, that they will never shed or pill, and if for some reason they do, we will send you a brand new blanket! Our blankets are made of our exclusive Luster Loft fabric which is the softest and most enjoyable fabric to snuggle up in, and they are made to last. The durability and quality of our blankets will make you feel secure and protected during any emergency. Why give up comfort, durability, and protection when you could have it all?

In any emergency, an American Blanket Company blanket will keep you warm and safe for the duration of the emergency. Don’t be caught out in the cold, make sure to stock your trunk and your emergency kits with a quality and durable blanket from the American Blanket Company.