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The Best Blanket for Cuddling

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and many couples are looking for the best blanket for cuddling. There are tons of blankets you can get from a multitude of stores, but ours at the American Blanket Company are the best. We’re more than happy to tell you why, but let’s set the scene first.

Imagine your ideal Valentine’s Day. You get back from your day-to-day activities out in the cold winter air. After you open the door you step inside and notice that your sweetheart is waiting for you. You go out for a romantic dinner at that really fine restaurant that you went to on your first date. Then you go ice skating, or to a movie, or any other fun thing that you two would enjoy.

By the time you get home, you just want to take things slow. Maybe cuddle up in a warm blanket and watch your favorite movie together. Nothing is quite as sweet as snuggling up to your beloved on the couch with a soft, warm blanket to wrap yourselves up in.

Now, let’s pause for a second and think here. The Blanket Cuddle is a classic activity that couples have enjoyed for centuries (the movie part is a recent development). This is crucial. You don’t want something that pills up into little fuzz balls, it distracts from the mood. Plus, it’s got to be soft, so soft it feels like you’ve been wrapped in the loveliest combination a baby lamb’s fleece and a pillowy cloud. Add the loving arms of your sweetheart and it becomes heaven on earth, a nirvana of warmth, love and tenderness. True perfection that words can only attempt to describe.

American Blanket Company blankets are lovingly made with just that purpose in mind. We even named our blankets to evoke this warmth and love. Wouldn’t you want a blanket known as the Peaceful Touch for this wonderful date? How about the Luster Loft? All available in a myriad of colors and guaranteed to not pill at all or else you can exchange it for another one. Order one today and take a trip to snuggle heaven yourself. You’ll agree with us when we say we have the best blankets for cuddling, guaranteed.