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The History of Fall River Mills and Textiles

The History of Fall River Mills and Textiles

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Since the beginning of the company in 2012, American Blanket Company has set the standard for producing plush fleece and cotton blankets and other products at their factory in Fall River, Massachusetts. Bringing life back to the historic textile manufacturing mills of the city is something that each and every worker of the company takes pride in. American Blanket company has become known for producing blankets and home textiles with the highest standards and impeccable quality. Cut and sewn in Massachusetts, each and every blanket comes with a lifetime guarantee against pilling, shedding and maintaining the super soft and plush feel that their blankets are known for. At any time should a customer have a problem with their blanket they can exchange it or return it to the company with no questions asked.
Being part of the history of textiles and the Fall River Mills is one of the reasons that the company chose to be based here.
Many people find the name Borden synonymous with Lizzie Borden, the woman who famously took 40 whacks at her parents with an ax. Few people know that it was her family that brought the earliest fame to the mills and factories of the city. It was her early ancestors, who a hundred years prior to her birth, put Fall River on the map with grist mills and iron works. They laid the industrial foundation that would take hold in the city on the river and bring about the birth of the east coast industrial revolution within the textile industry.
Fall River made its international mark in the early 20th century by becoming one of, if not the largest center for cotton textile production and manufacturing in the country and the world for that matter. Up until 1920 there were over 100 mills operating in the city. These mills produced all sorts of cotton textiles that were made into any number of home goods. From sheets, to curtains, to apparel the historic mills of the city produced items that were shipped all over the world. The 1950s through today have brought increasing competition from overseas producers and have made it difficult for textile cities like Fall River to maintain a competitive edge in these production arenas. It takes a unique perspective and commitment to compete against cheaply made products especially from Asian markets to be successful in the textile arena. American Blanket Company has done just that.
While many of the mills in the city remain unoccupied. Many are experiencing new life as industrial office and residential spaces. Many have been refurbished to attract manufacturing businesses to the area. Through a commitment to bring life back into the textile mills of the city companies like American Blanket Company are making homes again in the giant brick structures that long ago housed the global leaders of the textile industry.