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The Perfect Addition to Your Springtime Activities

Looking for a new throw blanket for spring? American Blanket Company has you covered! Spring is here! With the weather warming up outside, it is the perfect time to go out and have a picnic with friends and family. Sometimes it is hard to be sure what kind of blanket to bring on a picnic. American Blanket Company has some of the best throw blankets for spring, and this is why: Our blankets are made here in the good ol’ United States of America. We refuse to outsource our blanket production to other parties. We believe in America, and we stand by that ideal with our business practices. When a customer buys from American Blanket Company, they can know that they are supporting American businesses through every step of the production, not just the seller itself. Our blankets come with a no-pilling guarantee. Most companies typically only comb through one side of their fleece blankets, so the customer will have to deal with little balls of material coming off of the blanket during picnic or snuggle sessions. Our blankets will not pill. We make sure to sheer both sides of our blankets multiple times, which means that they will not develop pills or latch onto hair. Best of all, we are so confident in our blankets that we offer a guarantee on them: if they pill at all, they can be exchanged for another blanket, free of charge. Our blankets are the most comfortable blankets on the market. Our blankets use the best materials and the best kind of knitting to make a soft, luxurious blanket that everyone will love. Even the names of our throw blankets sound wonderful! Who doesn't want to wrap themselves up in a blanket called the “Peaceful Touch” or the “Luster Loft? Truly, we here at American Blanket Company know how to make the best throw blankets for spring.