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Warm Winter Blankets for Cold Nights

A soft sunset over a cold winter landscape, American Blanket Company

Warm Winter Blankets are available in all fabrications and each fabric type has its own unique characteristics.

Warm Polyester Fleece and Pile Fabrics are super for cold winter nights as a layer under your comforter and sheets. Using them as a top sheet can create a warm, soft, cozy layer between you and the cool duvet cover on top of you. Polyester is lightweight, warm and easy to care for. It can be one of the softest fabrics in the world if microfiber yarns are used and proper shearing techniques are performed on the surface of the fabric. Polyester Fleece Fabrics and Luster Loft fabrics are machine wash and dry so they are extremely user friendly. Toss them in the washing machine then place in dryer on warm and the fabric should come out feeling fresh and full of body.

Cotton Blankets can be a nice layer for added warmth and weight over your comforter on a cold winter night. A medium weight cotton blanket can be a nice addition to any bed when placed on top of your comforter and sheets. Cotton Blankets are great if you prefer natural fibers as apposed to synthetic fibers. Cotton Blankets tend to be heavier as well so if you like sleeping with more weight on your body we recommend a warm cotton blanket for cold nights.

Warm Winter Blankets using other natural fibers can also be a great addition to the top of your comforter and duvet. Wool Blankets, Cashmere Blankets and Alpaca blankets are also great options as an additional layer for those cold winter nights. Natural fibers are warm and have some weight to them but they can be a little scratchy and generally the blankets need to be dry cleaned. We like the look and feel of natural fiber blankets but we prefer an easy care blanket for our pets and children. See LL Beans washable wool blanket.

When it comes to Warm Winter Blankets go with the fabrication that makes you feel the best, a restful night is what we are all seeking. We lean toward Polyester Fleece fabrics because they are warm, soft, super cozy and they are easy to care for.