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Mattress Dimensions and Blanket Sizes

Mattress Dimensions and Blanket Sizes - Featuring a luster loft fleece blanket in a modern bedroom, American Blanket Company

Mattress Dimensions and Blanket Sizes

Mattress dimensions have changed many times over the years, and more options are designed and developed yearly. (Pillow Top, Flat Top, Quilted, Child Proof, 6”, 12”, or even 16” depths.) Blanket sizes have not changed at all. From the 1970s until now the standard size blankets have remained the same with little change. 60”x90” Twin, 80”x90” Full, 90”x90” Queen, 108”x90” King. Each one of these blanket sizes may work for one mattress type depending on how you like to make your bed. But these blanket sizes will most likely come up short with the depth of mattresses today.

As we become older and wiser, we understand the positive personal impact of making a crisp, well-proportioned bed. A blanket that does not fit a mattress dimension correctly certainly interferes with this process. We all have our own opinion of what is the correct dimension of our blankets. Some of us like to tuck, some like to have the blanket or comforter hang just at the base of the box spring, and some of us like to place a bedspread on top of everything and have it hang several inches from the floor.

American Blanket Company has created an opportunity for you to custom-make any size blanket. What size works best for you? You decide!

We can make a blanket of any size that makes you feel good. Pick a fleece Fabric quality, fill in the length and width dimensions of your choice and we will custom-make your blanket within 48hrs.  This is your chance to determine what is best for your bed and mattress combination.  Build your own blanket for your own bed structure. Feel great knowing you have made something that simplifies your life every morning and gives you a greater night's sleep.