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Stylish and Comfortable Dog Beds

Stylish and Comfortable Dog Beds

Stylish and Comfortable Dog Beds,

When choosing the correct dog bed for your furry friend it’s important to consider a few things, comfort and style. Picking a place for pets to hangout is no easy task as you want the bed to blend in with the rest of your furniture while also being practical and enjoyable for puppies to be in. It’s because of this that we came up with our top four favorite and most stylish dog beds to fit your aesthetic while also being an enjoyable spot for pets:


American Blanket Company:

 American Blanket Company Dog Bed

The Luster Loft Lounger by American Blanket Company is the perfect bed for you and your pup as its comfortable for them and low maintenance for you! Coming in three different sizes and your choice of rectangle or round this bed is great for all dogs with easy to wash slip on covers that don’t attract hair or fur. It comes in three sophisticated colors, black, latte and patriot blue which are all sure to fit the vibe of any room in your house. This bed could also serve as a great gift for a new dog owner as you can customize it with monograms and names!


American Blanket Company Luster Loft Lounger

L.L Bean:

 LL Bean Dog Bed

The L.L Bean Premium Dog Bed is another great place for pups to relax in your space as it’s structure and shape blends in with any furniture. This bed comes in 4 different sizes and 4 different colors, burlap, khaki, platinum and vintage indigo. With so many options there’s something for everyone and every pup!


L.L Bean Premium Dog Couch



Orvis Dog Bed

Orvis offers dog beds for all breeds, big, small and the in between however, we feel that their Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed is the perfect addition to any home. The bed comes in multiple different colors including, navy tweed, brown tweed, slate and more. Also, its shape and size blends in with all furniture so it’s an easy piece to add to a living room, bedroom or family area.



Orvis Memory Foam Bolster Bed


Pottery Barn:

Pottery Barn Dog Bed 

Pottery Barns 3-In-1 Pet Bed is great for its simplistic look and practicality. It can be used as a bed on its own or taken apart can be utilized as a spot for pets to lay on the furniture. It comes in three sizes, small, medium and large and three colors, white, oatmeal and heathered gray. It’s neutral style is sure to blend in with any homes aesthetic and it’s noted for being an incredibly soft spot for your pet to hang.



Pottery Barn 3-In-1 Dog Bed


These four beds are the perfect combination of comfort for your pet and style for you! Pair any three with one of our pet blankets for an even more elevated look and extra warmth as we head into Fall and Winter.